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Keeping this property safe, clean, and ready for clients all year long.

the problem

This client faced major problems with communication, damage to their property, and poor execution from their snow plowing vendor. Other issues included using the wrong snow plowing equipment and storing corrosive material like ice melt and salt inside the client’s brand-new storage facility. This client also had a separate vendor for landscaping who was adequate, but they wanted to consolidate both jobs with one company.

services needed

Large-scale snow plowing & landscaping


Wrentham, MA

property size

38 Acres

buildings on property

Retail, assisted living, apartment, hotel, and storage facility

the solution

As Landscape America is a four-season landscaping firm, we were able to take everything on. We dropped off a large container to house our supplies and equipment that stayed outside their facility in a parking lot — so salt and ice melt were never brought into their facility. Another improvement was regular communication about snow & ice management. The client always knew when our crews were on-site and when we had finished the job.

the outcome

Our client has referred us to another property, and the property manager has asked if we can provide our services for the community where she lives.


Quick response times

Crews dedicated to their site only

Large equipment

Competitive pricing due to efficiencies

Wet grass

Are you ready to experience more professional landscape management?

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