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Maintenance Foreman

About Landscape America

At Landscape America, our mission is to cultivate a culture of excellence by challenging ourselves to do our very best work every day in service of our clients. Internally, we strive to create continuous opportunities for the driven individuals on our growing team.

We are passionate about providing beautiful, safe, and functional landscape and snow management solutions through all seasons. Imagining, and maintaining creative spaces that invite people outdoors and create outstanding experiences for all our commercial clients.

Clear communication, a courteous and capable team, kept promises and consistent results are as much a part of our brand promise as is our industry-leading warranty. A passion for the outdoors. A pursuit of excellence.

Landscape America was awarded 2022 Best Places to Work in Snow and Ice.
Job Purpose

The purpose of this job is to help the company grow and make a profit by… - Completing jobs efficiently - Managing job site - Ensuring everyone on the crew is working safely - Ensuring customer satisfaction and promoting company image

Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Completing jobs efficiently

  • Manage crew and job site

  • Track labor hours and material

  • Review daily goals with crew each morning

  • Check trucks and equipment daily for any issues

  • Follow systems

  • Be efficient in the yard each morning and afternoon

  • Loading at night for the next day

  • Managing job site

  • Keep job site organized and clean

  • Make sure all tools needed to complete the job are in trailer each day

  • Report payroll hours to office via Ipads

  • Enter all necessary notes into software programs

  • Report and track change orders

  • Ensuring everyone on the crew is working safely

  • Discuss safety with crew

  • Safety training on equipment and general site conditions

  • Ensure team is filling out accident reports

  • Wear PPE

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and promoting company image

  • Cross sell to customers as needed

  • Make sure trucks and equipment are being cleaned daily

  • Pass down company culture and professionalism

Success Measures
  • Bring each job in on time

  • Limit call backs

  • Safety

  • Positive attitudes and image

  • Clean trucks and equipment

  • Satisfied customers

  • Yearly Performance Review

  • Simple IRA with match up to 3%

  • Health Insurance

  • Vacation/holiday pay

  • Team atmosphere

  • Educational opportunities

  • Education reimbursement

  • All new trucks & equipment

grow with us.

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