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Drainage - Protecting Your Commercial Property from the Dangers of Water


Proper drainage is one of the most critical components of maintaining a commercial property. Without an adequate drainage system, water can accumulate on the property, causing damage to buildings and landscapes posing potential health and safety hazards. In this article, we'll explore the importance of installing a proper drainage system on your commercial property and how it can benefit your business.

Ensuring Safety and Health

One of the main purposes of drainage is to prevent water from pooling around your commercial property. Not only can standing water be a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitoes, but it can also pose a hazard.

During winter months, water that has not been drained can freeze, causing dangerous walking conditions leading to potential slip-and-fall accidents. Proper drainage ensures that water flows away from your property, enhancing safety and reducing risks.

Protecting Buildings and Landscapes

The presence of water can cause significant damage to commercial properties. For instance, the accumulation of water can damage your building's foundation, potentially causing cracks, destabilizing the structure and affecting the paint. Additionally, waterlogged soil can aggravate plant health, leading to uneven grass or even dead plants.

A buildup of water can also damage concrete and asphalt, resulting in costly repairs and the need for replacements. A functioning drainage system keeps your property safe from the negative impact that water can have.

Different Options for Drainage Solutions

There are various types of drainage solutions, each unique to a particular type of property. Professional landscaping companies like ours can suggest the best drainage solution for your commercial property.

Drainage solutions that can be implemented include:

  • Regrading lawn areas to improve water flow away from buildings and structures

  • Catch basin repair in parking lots

  • Dry well installation to collect roof water or alleviate puddles in the landscape

  • Curb installation along hardscapes to improve water flow

  • Permeable paver installation to replace asphalt or concrete

  • Underground drainage system installation to collect and transport water

Importance of Professional Drainage Maintenance

While proper installation of drainage solutions is essential, ongoing maintenance of the system is equally important. Professional maintenance of your drainage system ensures that it remains in good condition and functions correctly, minimizing the risk of water damage to your property.

Contact us today to discuss the installation of a proper drainage system to keep your property safe from water-related issues.



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