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Lawn Care Tips from the Pros

Grass. When you think of grass, you might think of the hassle of mowing your home’s lawn. Or maybe, like me, you enjoy maintaining it and keeping it lush and green. Others may think of their favorite golf course. But those aren’t the first things I think about when I think of grass. I think of Fenway Park: that delicately manicured turf that flourishes in the shadow of the great Green Monster. They have an amazing landscaping team dedicated to keeping that lawn beautiful and ready for action.

At Landscape America, we put the same kind of passion into your lawn – whether you’re a home owner or a property manager. We combine that passion with a hard-earned expertise, and we’re going to share some of that with you here, with some handy lawn care tips.

There are three important steps to lawn care:

1. Fertilize properly

We all need to eat, right? Fertilizer is your lawn’s food, so while it’s necessary, you don’t want to overdo it or underdo it. It’s a good idea to first aerate your lawn in the early spring to loosen the soil and allow it to absorb moisture and nutrients. Then fertilize, ideally with a slow-release fertilizer. Follow the directions on the bag and spread it evenly with a drop or rotary spreader.

2. Cut carefully

Most people don’t give mowing their lawn much thought, but there’s actually a science to it.

Sharpen your mower blades: A duller blade creates a jagged cut, which makes it easier for disease to enter through the tips of the grass.

Set the height to 2-1/2” to 3”: If the grass is too short, it can’t catch enough sun rays to stay nice and green. Shorter blades also make it easier for weeds to grow.

Mow in different directions: If you always mow in the same direction, the grass blades tend to lean in that direction. If you change your pattern, it will grow straighter.

Don’t rake the clippings: The clippings add nutrients.

3. Water wisely

Less is more when it comes to watering your lawn. Many people over-water, and just like any other living thing, put in too much water and it’ll drown. On the other end of the spectrum, mild dehydration can be good for your lawn. Water once a week or when you start to see the blades roll up slightly, or when you can see your footprints on the lawn.

Proper lawn care certainly takes some effort, as well as a deft touch that comes with experience. Landscape America definitely has that experience and we love putting in the effort. Seeing your lawn lush and green puts a smile on our faces as much as it does yours. Whether you look after a commercial or residential lawn, we’re happy to provide a free estimate.



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