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Resolutions We've Made for Our Commercial Clients

Can you believe we are already a month into the New Year? Us either!

While the calendar year has changed, our top priority remains the same: our clients.

Whether it be maintaining consistent communication, always working to enhance our technology for your benefit, or growing our staff and equipment to meet your needs, we always want to ensure you are satisfied with our services.

Going into the New Year, we have committed to resolutions to better our business and our clients' experiences. We're so excited to share these with you!

Consistent and Efficient Communication!

Our first resolution for 2023 is consistent and effective communication. Communication is the best way to make sure our clients are happy and have the best information about our services. Whether it’s the snow season or green season, we have communication strategies to ensure the best seasonal experience.

Communication in the Snow Season

We understand that snowstorms can be stressful. It is our job to make sure you have the most information you can before, during, and after a winter event. It starts with pre-storm communication. Our Snow Council meets weekly to discuss the week ahead. These meetings ensure we are prepared with the appropriate number of staff for what lies ahead. When we are anticipating a storm, the Snow Council prepares our Account Managers who then communicate our plan to you. We will send you an email to let you know that we are prepared, have enough materials, and an estimated time we will be at your property. Should the storm last longer than expected, we will keep you updated on the plan.

Our communication does not stop when the snow stops; we will send you a post-storm summary to explain the snow accumulations and the services you received. Our third-party company, Weatherworks, compiles weather reports to all our service areas so you know that the information you are receiving is accurate for your location.

Communication in the Green Season

When the grass turns green, our communication shifts accordingly. We empower our clients with as much information as we can to give you the space to communicate with us as much as you need to. Our Account Managers will send weekly email updates to let our clients know when we will be at your property.

We do this so that you know when to expect us and can plan accordingly if you would like to walk the property with us to express areas of concern or ask questions. This allows us to make sure we are staying on top of your needs.

Improving Our Technology

Our next 2023 resolution is to enhance our technology for the benefit of our clients and the efficiency of our team.

Our latest technological advancement is installing GPS tracking and safety features in our company vehicles. The GPS tracking component helps us determine the most efficient routes to our client properties and creates the most efficient patterns for mowing and salting. This allows us to get to you faster and reduces waste in gas and products. The safety feature includes a camera that tracks where the driver is focused when operating the vehicle by breaking down where the driver is looking.

Growing the LA Fleet and Team

Our third and arguably most important resolution for 2023 is to grow! To take the best care of our clients' properties, we ensure that we have enough staff and equipment. We have invested nearly $1,000,000 in new winter and spring/summer maintenance equipment this year. For the 2022-2023 snow season, we invested in new pushers, plow. Investing in this equipment helps us remain operational if one of our trucks or pushers is out of commission during a storm.

Keeping all of these resolutions top of mind, we are excited about everything 2023 has in store. We look forward to working with you, taking care of your property and always ensuring safety and beauty.



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