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the problem

This is a new hotel being built and managed by an out-of-state company. They needed a vendor who could provide timely information and reliable service without the need to nag the vendor for information. The owners also needed a solution for providing their guests with a pet safe product to treat ice.


Wrentham, MA

services needed

Landscaping and snow plowing services. Planting project.

the solution

Our team set up a process to log in at the hotel lobby so they could fill out the necessary paperwork for the ownership group and hotel manager. The crews and account manager would routinely send photo updates of the property through our software system so everything was documented. We provided the facts about pet safe deicing products, gave our recommendation, and allowed the client to make the final decision.

the outcome

The Regional Facilities Manager hired us to provide snow and landscape management services at their new location in Woburn, MA.


Get the most professional, knowledgeable, and detailed team for your property.

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