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An outdoor space for employees to enjoy year-round

the problem

The client had picnic tables in a turf area in the front of the building. The area was in the full sun with no shade for their employees. The continual foot traffic was killing off the turf and heavily compacting the soil, causing the area to become unsightly and somewhat unsafe.

On one side of the site there was a steep slope, and the client expected the need for a retaining wall to install the patio. We recommended a different layout which avoided the need for a wall and saved the client a significant amount of money.


Franklin, MA

services needed

Shaded seating area for their employees to take breaks, eat lunch, and have potential company outings.

the solution

Our team constructed a 900-SF Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone Patio at this commercial property. For this project, we partnered with a company that installs pergolas. We poured concrete footings to accommodate two pergolas, one of which was installed along with the patio, and the second will be installed in 2024.

the outcome

The client now has a safe welcoming outdoor space for their employees to enjoy year-round. They are planning on adding a set of granite steps this season which will lead from the patio directly to the parking lot to give employees a more direct path to their vehicles and avoid having to navigate an unsafe hill.

The old deteriorating turf has been replaced and now there is less turf to mow as well. The client is also looking to add plantings around the patio to give it a little more privacy. These plants will add color and additionally help to cool the space during the warm summer months.


Recommendations locations for the project as well as what types of materials would be most effective, improve aesthetics, and be cost-efficient.

Designs created to help the client visualize the project before they approved it.

Different ideas on how they could provide shade to the area (pergolas, tree planting, etc..)


Get the most professional, knowledgeable, and detailed team for your property.

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