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Five Ideas to Enhance Your Commercial Landscape

Beautiful, well-maintained landscapes can increase the value of your property by 15-20%. And not only that — they also help strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales.

We asked our design team for some simple ideas for commercial landscape enhancements and this is what they came up with.

Five enhancements you can make today

You may keep up with the landscape maintenance on your commercial property — but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re missing an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

Here are five of the most common enhancements we suggest to our clients:

1. Welcome your guests with clear signage and beautiful gardens.

Your property’s entrance is highly visible and where most people will have their first impression of your business. Is your signage clean and legible? Is there a vibrant flower bed or clean turf? Think of entrance enhancements as an investment in your brand — you’re marketing your business through your landscape!

2. Make it accessible with smooth paved areas.

Walkways, driveways and parking lots are how everyone navigates your property. If they’re full of bumps, dips or cracks, it might be time to repair or enhance them. These hardscaping projects tend to be a great investment as they last for decades when designed and built properly. Adding a small patio can be great for employees going on a lunch break or to host the occasional outdoor meeting.

3. Add some green by planting new trees, shrubs and flowers.

Healthy trees and a manicured lawn are appealing. Overgrown shrubs and dead flowers aren’t. Whether trees, shrubs or a refreshed lawn, adding some greenery around your building can make all the difference. In fact, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) reports that shoppers will spend 9 to 12% more for goods and services in areas with high-quality tree canopies — and that shoppers will travel a greater distance and a longer time to visit stores surrounded by healthy and tall trees.

4. Show off your landscape with strategically-placed lighting.

Lighting tends to be a reasonably priced upgrade that can make a massive difference on commercial properties. Not only can it highlight your building’s architectural features — but it can also drastically increase safety. Our landscape lighting technicians can create warm, ambient lighting that highlights your tree canopy, casts artistic shadows and features your property’s most beautiful plants.

5. Keep it fresh with seasonal flower displays.

Keep your customers, clients and guests impressed with colorful flowers and displays. These can be annual flower beds, spring bulbs that bloom each year, or planters that change throughout the seasons. Ask us about our seasonal displays!

“We didn’t budget for that”: Fitting your enhancements into your budget

If you’re a commercial property manager or building owner, it makes sense why you might think that landscape enhancements are a luxury — an unnecessary extra that your budget can’t bear. “We didn’t budget for that,” are words we’ve heard before.

They might seem like a luxury, but quite often the money spent up front ends up paying dividends on your bottom line. Office buildings with nice outdoor spaces attract employees and put clients at ease. Retailers with great landscaping encourage new tenants to rent and lure new customers to shop.

Not sure where to start?

Landscape enhancements are all about making your store or business more welcoming. They soften the landscape, boost curb appeal and entice people to stay awhile.

If you’ve got some enhancements in mind, but aren’t quite sure which to choose or how to implement them, our team is here to help. Our account managers and designers can give you immediate feedback on your property with a single property visit. All you need to do is set one up.



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