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How to Choose a Commercial Landscape Management Company

As a property owner or manager, you're responsible for making many decisions that will impact every person setting foot on your properties. As the snow starts turning to mud, you're probably thinking about how to tackle the massive task of cleaning up your properties and wondering how you will keep all the outdoor areas safe and looking great throughout the season. One important decision you'll have to make is who to partner with to make it all happen.

Southeast Massachusetts is home to many landscape companies — many of which we are big fans and friends of. While almost anyone can do basic tasks like cutting grass, there is so much more to be done that is best left to the experts.

Here are three things that should be considered when looking for a commercial landscape management company:

1. Reliability

"Do what you say you will" is deeply ingrained in our company culture, but we use technology to keep us organized and accountable. Whoever you choose should have internal processes in place to inform you of when to expect them and ensure they show up on time. The best companies use a single piece of software to manage the entire contract, from the bid and contract to the scheduling and real-time monitoring of crews via GPS and time logs.

2. Professionalism

Landscapers are professionals, and as with any profession, the expectation should be that we act as such. Here are some things to keep an eye on:

  • Members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals

  • Wide range of professional expertise on staff (i.e. design, construction, maintenance, horticulture)

  • Professional tone in all verbal and written communication

  • Clean, branded trucks, trailers, and equipment

  • Uniformed employees

  • Visible safety standards

There are other things you may not see but can dig deeper to find out such as fair wages for their employees and training programs. Well-paid employees within a healthy company culture tend to take more pride in their work, have a positive attitude and be more productive.

At Landscape America, we have invested heavily in creating a positive company culture, pay our employees a living wage and offer competitive benefits. We also continuously invest in training for all our staff. In turn, we have a tight-knit group of brothers and sisters that love what they do and take their job seriously.

3. Proactive Attitude

While reliability and professionalism are important aspects to consider, what will set a company apart from the rest is their willingness to go above and beyond what is asked. In our many years of business, we haven't come across many companies that foster a proactive attitude. What does this mean for you?

  • Identifying potential issues before they become a problem

  • Taking care of small details outside the area of responsibility of an employee (i.e. picking up a piece of trash...even if their job is to just cut the grass that day)

  • Being the first ones to point out what needs to be you are not chasing after them

Other factors will come into play when deciding who to go with such as a full list of commercial landscaping services, sustainable business practices, experience, contract details and references — but we hope whoever you decide to hire can prove they are reliable, professional and proactive.



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