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The Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average modern-day American will spend 87% of their life indoors, then another 6% of their life in cars. If my math adds up, that means the average person will only spend 7% of their life outside. That is concerning.

Studies tell us it’s crucial for us to spend more time outdoors.

Beyond the outdoors being good for our health, a well-kept and beautiful landscape can also be good for business. Recent research shows that beautiful outdoor spaces can raise the morale of your employees, reaffirm the decision a customer has made to visit your shop, offer a visual reminder of residents’ condo fees at work, or make a property feel more welcoming for guests. Here are some of the many ways that a professionally landscaped property can be beneficial!

Physical Health Benefits

Studies have shown that just looking at plants or trees, even through a window, can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. A study performed on Japanese workers found that a walk in the forest lowered their average pulse by four percent and blood pressure by over two percent! Workers with a window allowing natural light in to their workspace, or with indoor plants, report higher levels of job satisfaction.

Not only this, being outdoors in nature can reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces autoimmune disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer! While the research into cancer prevention is preliminary, studies suggest that time outside can stimulate the production of anti-cancer proteins. There are also general positive effects of spending time in nature, including a boost to the immune system, allowing the body to better fight routine illnesses like colds and flus.

Ultimately, these physical health benefits associated with your property’s landscaping and green spaces can positively affect anyone who steps foot onto your property. Workers are more satisfied and more productive, residents are happier, and guests will have a better experience.

Mental Benefits

The physical health benefits translate to mental health benefits, as well. Multiple studies have shown that nature walks can improve short-term memory. Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues can all be eased by time in nature. One study that analyzed 10 other studies on “green exercise” notes that every green environment improved both self-esteem and mood in study participants.

Other benefits include increased concentration for tasks that require intense focus and a better ability to creatively solve problems. The more green space on your property, the better.

Other Benefits

When you have a beautifully landscaped property, there are also plenty of other non-health benefits! One study by the U.S. Forest Service notes that neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and larger yard trees have a lower crime rate. Healthy, managed landscapes can also lower the incidence of outdoor pests that can transmit diseases to people and pets.

On the commercial side of things, one study found that commercial offices with high-quality landscapes were able to charge a higher rental rate. In another, shoppers said that they would travel a greater distance and spend a longer time shopping somewhere with a high-quality tree canopy, and would be willing to spend between nine to 12 percent more for goods and services!

In the long run, a great landscape creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. At Landscape America, we’re proud of the work we’ve been able to do for our commercial clients. If you’d like to take a peek, head on over to our commercial services webpage. If reading this post has gotten you excited about improving your property’s landscape, give us a call and let’s chat about how to bring these benefits to your commercial or condominium property.



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