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Why Safety Matters

Nobody wants an accident to happen on their property. Whether a vehicle collision, an injury or an act of God, accidents can bring about tragedy in the lives of residents, customers, and guests. They can also cause irreparable damage to your reputation.

That’s why, at Landscape America when we say that we put safety first, we mean it! Doing our very best work on your property requires safe work practices. Every single day, our goal is to ensure that every one of our employees comes back to the shop. From there, they can go home to their families safe and sound.

But being safe is more than a checklist. Our safe track record can be traced back to our proactive training and protocols. Whether its safe practices around vehicles or our customers and their personal property — we’ve implemented a few strategies to make sure our team are all on the same page.

Here’s how we encourage safety in our work…

  • Wednesday morning safety talksEvery Wednesday, our whole crew gets together at our shop to talk about a variety of things. One of the topics is always safety. If any accidents or close calls have occurred recently, we go over them together. We talk about how they could have been prevented — and what to look out for in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation. This way, our team can act as professionally and as safely as possible when they’re on your property.

  • Reporting all accidentsEvery accident is reported and documented by our team. This way, we have a reference point to keep each other accountable. This also ensures that, in the unlikely event of an accident happening on your property, we have a report on hand.

  • Field trainingWe have regular “field training” sessions throughout the year. In these, our newer team members learn how to use tools off-site before using them on-site. Training can be as simple as how to lay out sod, how to install irrigation heads or how to plant a tree. But they can also be more difficult, covering topics like hand and power tools. These sessions give each employee valuable skills with extra supervision and without the added pressure of being on-site. So when we actually are on-site, we know exactly what we’re doing — and how to do it safely.

  • Onboarding videos through GreeniusAt Landscape America, we use the app Greenius to train new employees. In many of the first videos our new employees watch, safety is covered. Many of these videos include subjects like using small equipment, handling power tools and avoiding injuries out in the field. This app ensures that every member of our team has a baseline for safety out in the field — preventing accidents on your property before they can happen.

Many of these safety practices are small ones, but they all add up to a safer workplace. Experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a safe, courteous and professional landscaping firm for your property. Request an estimate today.



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