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Winter is Here: The Tools and Tactics We Rely on to Get the Job Done!

Winter is finally here, and keeping our commercial properties safe is our top priority!

Introducing Brine to our Process

The Landscape America Snow Team is always looking for ways to become better and more efficient at what we do. Last snow season, we introduced Brine on a limited basis as a trial and found it useful in managing our commercial properties. Brine is a solution made with a mixture of salt, magnesium chloride, and water. This snow season our Snow Team will be implementing a pre-treatment application process when weather conditions allow to help us prepare for winter storms and keep your property safe.

Here are a few reasons why we are implementing Brine into our process:

  • Brine activates much more quickly than granular materials

  • It provides a more accurate application decreasing waste and migration of bulk granular materials

  • Brine can be applied 24+ hours before a snow event which allows our team to prepare for the event itself

  • Brine minimizes damage to concrete, turf, plant material, and metal surfaces

  • Brine will help minimize snow and ice from adhering to the ground surface creating less opportunity for slippery conditions

Our Winter Warriors

Our snow team works hard to make sure our commercial properties are maintained and taken care of through the winter months. This is certainly not an easy task, so we like to refer to our snow team as our Winter Warriors. This year’s Winter Warriors are Karen Cowan, Brian Molloy, Nate Champoux, and Ron Greene.

We asked our Winter Warriors to share any tips they had with us. Here is what they said:

“It is important to stay hydrated, dress in layers, rest when you can, and work in shifts during a long storm” – LA Area Manager

“The key to success is communication. For the team, making sure expectations are made clear and followed through on. Having good communication helps the work run smoother and results in happy clients.” – LA Area manager

Landscape America's Snow Council

Communication is crucial to the success of our Snow Team and the satisfaction of our customers. Our Snow Team has a Snow Council headed by Ron that meets weekly to ensure our team is ready for any incoming weather events in the week ahead. We want to make sure we are prepared for whatever winter throws at us so we can ensure our clients are taken care of.

How We Stay on Top of the Forecast

Having the most accurate and up-to-date information on the forecast is imperative to managing our snow process. Landscape America uses two systems to help keep our team and our clients informed during winter weather events.

The first is WeatherWorks. WeatherWorks provides our team with daily updates, extended forecasts, and summaries of accumulations of each of the towns we service. This tool helps us plan and know when we need to take action. Ultimately helping us communicate with our clients to help make sure they have the most updated information.

The second tool we use is Call Em All. Our clients and their tenants can sign up to receive text notifications or phone calls when our team is coming to plow. This gives them the opportunity to move their cars and makes it a lot easier for us to get our job done.

Thank you to our Snow Team for all of the hard work you do in the winter months!



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