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The Importance of Being Outside During Work Hours

Gorgeous, collaborative patios courtesy of Landscape America

As summer fast approaches, it’s time to start venturing outside. Instead of typing away indoors, employees can now work while soaking up the sun. According to an NIH study, people work in nature to reduce stress and elevate productivity. However, if your company doesn’t have an outdoor area for all to enjoy, a hardscape could be the answer to boost team morale and the aesthetic of your commercial property.


In this article, we’ll explain what hardscapes are and how they can dramatically enhance business.


What is a Hardscape?


A hardscape is a landscape built from hard, inanimate materials such as granite, asphalt, concrete, and stone. Patios, walkways, decks, and gazebos are all examples of hardscapes. Unlike typical landscaping such as gardening, pruning, and mowing, they create functional, year-round environments that are resilient to the unpredictable New England climate.


Unlocked Accessibility


At Landscape America, we have years of experience building beautiful, complex hardscapes for a range of commercial properties. For one client, we constructed a patio to replace an old, unwelcoming turf area that employees were complaining about.


Today, it is a safe, optimally shaded space that they regularly use for lunch breaks and corporate outings. Here are the before and after photos:

Gorgeous, collaborative patios courtesy of Landscape America
Gorgeous, collaborative patios courtesy of Landscape America

Moreover, hardscapes carry many benefits beyond the importance of safety and accessibility.


Collaboration Opportunities


Exciting new spaces bring people together. A beautiful, dynamic hardscape opens doors for stimulating meetings, company outings, and unique bonding moments. They can also be venues for industry-wide events, which can attract new partners and customers. With this increase in conversation, teams can rapidly exchange ideas and solve problems more efficiently.


Company-Wide Pride


Hardscapes attract new talent, increase employee retention, and promote work-life balance. For human resources, an enhancement is a tempting perk that many companies do not provide.


By emphasizing an environment that is considerate of mental health, you can be a magnet for competitive applicants that are potentially more experienced than your competitors. Additionally, with remote employees inclined to take advantage of the hardscape, you create a more inclusive in-office presence.


Inspiring Aesthetics


Hardscapes are visual extensions of your commercial property’s design, as potential clients positively view your company before stepping inside. This curb appeal is a potential game-changer for new business opportunities.


For team members, this inviting new space, whether it be a patio or walkway, can motivate them to consider new perspectives, thus boosting creativity and open-mindedness in their approach to work.

Gorgeous, collaborative patios courtesy of Landscape America
Gorgeous, collaborative patios courtesy of Landscape America

Increased Property Value


For a commercial property owner, a hardscape is a wise investment to make. Unlike landscapes, they are resistant to weather, and therefore don’t require as much money to maintain. Also, due to their aesthetics and year-round functionality, they increase the value of corporate campuses. 


If you want to add value to your commercial property, Landscape America has you covered. We understand the importance of outdoor work environments, and with our four-season coverage of hardscape installation, we are committed to creating the perfect outdoor space for your business.


We’ve seen our previous work transform the grounds of companies, and we are continuously dedicated to each of our clients. If you have any inquiries about creating a hardscape this summer, we recommend consulting with the professionals at Landscape America to bring your creative vision to life. 



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